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Origin Agritech Limited Announces Change in Board of Directors and co-Chief Executive Officer Status

Dr. Min Tang will bring his considerable and relevant experience in the Company and within the Chinese economic development community. Dr. Tang sits as the Deputy Secretary of the foundation in charge of macroeconomic financial reform, energy conservation, and social development for the Development Research Center reporting to the State Council of China. Previous to his position as the Deputy Secretary of the foundation, Dr. Tang worked at increasingly senior and chief economist positions for the Asia Development Bank for 18 years. Prior to this, Dr. Tang received his masters and PhD. degree in Economics from University of Illinois at Urbana. The Company is honored and excited to welcome a director with Dr. Tang to the board.

Additionally, Liang Yuan has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer from his co-Chief Executive Officer position. Dr. Gengchen Han, formerly co-Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the company will still remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors and remain directly active in all strategic matters. His daily focus will center around the enhancement of Origin's premier position within biotechnology in China and emergence globally, and elevation of Origin's leading intellectual property war chest. The company congratulates Liang Yuan on his exceptional service and noteworthy experience, and is honored to have him continue on as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Liang Yuan has been a Director, Executive Vice Chairman, and co-Chief Executive Officer of Origin Agritech since founding in 1997. Prior to Origin, Yuan served at the Fujian Economic Institute from 1985 to 1997, where he was in charge of the research and development of the economy of the entire Fujian province region. Additionally, Mr. Yuan also sits on the board of one Hang Seng index (HK) listed public company. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yuan will continue implementing the company's focus on bringing Origin's superior quality technology products to market.

Dr. Gengchen Han commented, "The company strategy remains solidly focused on biotechnology, and providing high quality products to a rapidly developing marketplace. Mr. Yuan will certainly lend his tremendous skills sets to oversee and direct Origin's continued expansion efforts throughout China and certain parts of Southeast Asia. Given his background and expertise, he will spearhead initiatives to address the potential that exists in our US billion market through our broad nationwide network of distributors. Liang Yuan will certainly leverage Origin's blossoming potential and build long term value for our shareholders."